Hello Friends of The Mountain School,

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Spring has Sprung! Have a lovely Spring 2016.

TMS took a second winter hibernation break this year and we are now awakening from our rest and looking to the new year ahead. The winter brought some big changes to our world down here on the farm which we want to share with you.

While the TMS staff and faculty hibernated, we were delighted to host Travis Scott on site with his homeschool cooperative program. Travis has been working with TMS for eight years in one form or another, either as a classroom teacher, a summer camp instructor, and now as tenant for this last year, running his own program, a homeschool cooperative, throughout the school year. Travis will continue to offer this unique and exceptional educational experience for children in the valley for the ’16-’17 school year, and, we are so pleased he has also decided to offer a summer camp program this summer ‘16. Travis can be reached at mrtwscott@gmail.com. We will be forwarding all summer camp inquiries to him. 

John Delorenzo will be taking a well-deserved break from teaching this summer. Although we are sorry to not have him with us this summer, we are so grateful for his amazing work with the children at TMS over the last 10 years. He’s one of a kind, and the children who’ve been able to spend time in his presence and to experience his precious and rare lessons on the farm and in the wilds were beneficiaries of a rare and special opportunity. We are hopeful about how these lucky students will bring his teachings with them out into the world. We hope he will be back teaching with us in some form in the future.

As for the rest of our staff and faculty, Kelly Seimon, Tammy Hood and Andy Martone, they each found other wonderful positions over the winter and so this summer will be quieter then summer’s past. Travis will be running the show and TMS could not be more pleased to hand the reigns to him! He has an eye for quality, a heart for depth, and will forces like no other. There is no doubt in our minds that whatever this amazing teacher decides to offer will be an excellent summer camp experience for your children.

As I, Katharine Woods, founder of The Mountain School, have moved out into the busy world of education in California, I can attest to the fact that what we built here at TMS is truly cutting edge and its time is here! We are on the front lines of a practical arts education that the children of our country are crying out for. Our little TMS haven in the Wood River Valley, tucked away by the river, is quietly continuing to fulfill the site’s mission. We know that the need is out there, now we want to find our next generation of faculty. We are committed to offering Whole Systems Practical Arts programs, ideally inspired by Biodynamics and Waldorf pedagogy and it’s has nearly 100 years of dedication to earth- based and hands-on education. Please spread the word about TMS and its mission, and let’s either find locals who are qualified to take up the mission, or reach out beyond our community and bring them here to the valley.

All good things in all good time.

All the best, Katharine Woods