The Mountain School has transitioned its academic programs to the first Waldorf methods charter school in Idaho:  The Syringa Mountain Charter School in June 2014.

The Mountain School, a 501C3 non-profit, continues on as a Whole Systems Practical Arts Education Center. Our faculty teach a variety of skills for bringing the bounty of our farm’s gardens and animals to our table, clothing and textiles, along with wilderness survival skills, animal tracking and archery, wild harvesting, woodworking, and nature crafting. These practical arts lessons are experientially learned in accordance with the principles of Waldorf education and Biodynamic permaculture.

We are currently cultivating our next chapter as we open our established and endeared site for an expanded offering of educational programs to all ages.  We intend to distinguish ourselves by offering a Permaculture, Biodynamic and Whole Systems Practical Arts Kingergarten-Middle school  curriculum, school field trips, after-school programs, summer camps and adult and family classes and workshops in collaboration with the Wood River Valley's thriving and supportive non-profit community. We hope to expand our outreach to benefit our local veterans and seniors, as well as special needs youth of all ages.  We are also looking forward to the opportunity to provide our local public school educators with a series of 'field study' classes to support and enhance the standard Earth Sciences curriculum.