Earlier pre-2014 website is here.

Closed now for a few years, The Mountain School was a beautiful experience for many.

We've decided to leave the website active for the time being so that others might see what we experienced. 

Continuing the Waldorf Teaching tradition, Travis Scott has created a homeschool cooperative program just a few miles away from the The Mountain School site.  Travis taught children at TMS for eight year and we are thrilled that Travis will continue to offer this unique and exceptional educational experience for children in the valley.  Travis can be reached at mrtwscott@gmail.com.

The Mountain School founder,  Katharine Woods, has moved onto the fulfilling and busy world of education in California.  A bright gem was built here at TMS, truly cutting edge,  on the front lines of a practical arts education that the children of our country are crying out for.  Whole Systems Practical Arts programs, inspired by Biodynamics and Waldorf pedagogy, Katharine will carry forward her vision and will strive to continue spreading what she has built an learned to future generations.  All good things in all good time.