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 2012 - 2013 Faculty & Staff (in alphabetical order)

Jessica Banks – Kindergarten Co-Teacher/ Grades Handwork Teacher.

Contact: 721-8654  jlbanks234@yahoo.com
Surrounded by the natural beauty of the Ozark Mountains, Buffalo River and rolling farm land, Jessica enjoyed a sweet, simple and dreamy childhood in the small town of Fayetteville, AR. Jessica's love for children, art and travel led to her discovery of Waldorf Education at the age of 18 while traveling Europe. Upon returning from her travels Jessica attended the University of Arkansas and Humboldt State University in Arcata, CA with a focus in Art Education. She interned at a biodynamic farm in Eugene, OR while attending the Eugene, OR Waldorf Teacher Training Program. In the summer of 2007, she graduated from that program and one short week after joined The Mountain School family for its grand opening, Summer Camp. In the fall of 2007 Jessica co-taught the first Kindergarten class with Kate Woods and took the helm in January 2008 when Kate became the first grade teacher. During Jessica’s five years teaching at TMS, she has grown just as much as the children. She has worked in the Kindergarten, Preschool, Afterschool, 1st and 2nd grade Handwork and has become a mother to her son, Edyn.


John Delorenzo, Primitive Wilderness, Animal Husbandry and Woodworking Teacher. Contact: 721-7783 jdelorenzo@themountainschool.info

John has been an essential member of The Mountain School team since the spring of 2006. He oversaw the building of the school’s farm, play yard and classroom. John has been involved in animal husbandry and mountain man living all his life. He has raised six sons and one daughter and lived in the Philippines for five years and in Japan for eleven years building schools and teaching children both woodworking and animal husbandry. He has lived in Bellevue, Idaho for the last 12 years and is an avid Bowhunter and Backwoodsman. Before taking his position with The Mountain School John worked as a master finish carpenter and cowboy in the WoodRiverValley. John was raised during his early years on a homestead in Arizona and then moved to Newport Beach California during his adolescence.


Dr. Mary Gervase –Part-Time Director.

Contact: 720-6327 (no cell coverage at home), 788-9729  marymgervase@yahoo.com

Dr. Gervase is assuming the Part-Time Director of The Mountain School while continuing to work as an educational consultant for Idaho State University, Boise State university and the Idaho State Department of Education. She is additionally facilitating the development of a new public Waldorf Methods charter school slated to open fall 2014. She is the Executive Director and Co-Founder of the Sun Valley Spiritual Film Festival.  Prior to this, Mary served as the Director of Education for the 2009 Special Olympics World Winter Games. She was the Assistant Superintendent of the Blaine County School District, in Hailey, Idaho. She has worked as a K-8 elementary teacher, a school guidance counselor, an assistant principal and principal, and as a State Department of Education consultant in locations spanning Utah, Idaho, New Mexico, and with the Department of Defense Dependent Schools System (DODDS) in both Scotland and Germany. Her education includes a Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education, a Masters Degree in Educational Psychology, and a Ph.D. in Educational Administration. 


Svea Grover – Office Administrator.

Contact: 788-3170  Svea@themountainschool.info.

 Svea has been a TMS parent for the last 5 years with her two children Eva and Anja beginning with the playgroups in 2007.  Anja then joined the KG in 2007. After learning more about the Waldorf philosophy through the parent evenings and all of the school’s beautiful activities, she and husband Chris decided this was also the best place for her 2nd grader Eva.  Eva had two amazing years here at TMS with 2nd & 3rd Grades.  Anja will enter 2nd grades this year.  Svea received her B.S. from Northern Arizona Univ. in Hotel & Restaurant Mgt., has worked as Tournament Coordinator for the Danny Thompson Memorial, was Marketing Manager for the Park City Chamber and Transportation Coordinator for the Sun Valley Wine Auction. She has also worked for many years as a cross-country ski coach for SVSEF and is working to grow her small craft business, Noodles & Doodles.


Amy Jonas - Spanish Teacher

Contact: Amy Jonas 481-0265 ajonas@blaineschools.org

I was born in Sun Valley and grew up in Soldotna, Alaska. My parents were teachers up there. I attended the University of Wyoming. Upon graduation, I lived in Spain for a year and a half. I was a volunteer teacher in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica for six months in 2003. I taught English to Kindergarten and first grade students. I taught 7th grade special education at WRMS for six years before moving up to Hemingway Elementary to teach half day preschool, where I am currently. I live in Hailey with my sweet family consisting of my husband (also a teacher working for the Idaho Virtual Academy) and my two sons; Jonas (4) and Jude (1). I love anything that can be done in the outdoors and spending time with my family and friends, staying in the moment!


Sandy Kelly – CPA. 

Contact: 788-3170 Accounting@themountainschool.info

Sandy joined The Mountain School staff in February 2010 as accountant and CFO.  Sandy brings 30 years of business knowledge to maintain fluidity and efficiency of school finances, and fiscal reporting to the Board of Directors.  Sandy graduated from University of California at Santa Barbara in 1982, worked for Arthur Andersen, taught skiing in Squaw Valley, and lived in a VW van in Europe for a year before relocating to the Wood River Valley in 1990.  Sandy worked for POWER Engineers for 17 years until starting her own consulting firm several years ago.  Sandy is raising triplets (River, Sage and Timber) who will be high school sophomores this fall.  Sandy loves parenting, skiing, soccer and backpacking and never misses a Sun Valley Gallery walk for a cultural fix.


Bege Reynolds – Kindergarten Co-Teacher.

Contact: 721-2563, 788-3325 begereynolds@gmail.com

Bege’s interest in teaching young children began in high school when she did her senior project on a comparison of public, Montessori and private school kindergartens. She then went on to receive her BA from The Evergreen State College as well as her Standard Elementary Teacher’s Certification in all subjects K-8 in 1985.  She has taught in public schools, Montessori schools (Pioneer Montessori for the last several years) and outdoor schools on and off for 26 years.  Her youngest son, Elliot, attended TMS for 4 years and through parent meetings, reading “Renewal” magazine, teacher talks, learning how to craft in the parent groups, participating in the festivals and garden parties, she saw the benefits for her son and embraced the Waldorf philosophies.  Bege writes “ Waldorf education and its connection to nature, the outdoors, daily, weekly & yearly rhythms, gardening, singing and the arts appeals to me.  The lessons of gratitude and reverence that Waldorf education teaches are important and make so much sense.”  Bege and her husband, John Sweek, live in Hailey and have 3 children ages 22, 19 and 11. She is presently enrolled in the Michael Institute's Waldorf Early Childhood Teacher Training Program in Portland, OR.  She feels blessed to have had the Waldorf education for her son for 4 years and now intends to pass it on to other young children by teaching at TMS.

Travis Scott- 1st Grade Main Teacher, OK Main Lesson Teacher

Contact: 720-8784  travisscott@earthlink.net

Travis Scott is a native of western Montana and grew up immersed in wilderness and animal care. Travis lives in Hailey with his wife, Carrie, and daughter, Cora, and is currently enrolled in the Micha-el Institute Waldorf Teacher Certification in Portland, Oregon.  He earned a B.A. in English Literature from Centre College in Danville, Kentucky in 1995.  Travis has a decade of experience as a wilderness river guide, has taught skiing and swimming, and has a wide range of woodworking skills.  Travis has a passion for human growth and helping each person express their deepest potential.  In addition to his Waldorf studies and teaching, Travis owns and operates The Well Life Center in Hailey, dedicated to innovative means of enhancing wellness and health.

Keri  Sheppeard - Farm Lesson Teacher. 

Contact: 775-771-3340 gingergoldfield@gmail.com

A native to the White Mountains of Nevada, has lived in Idaho for the past 16 years, 4 of which have been in Ketchum. Coming from a ranching family gardening and animal husbandry are of second nature to Keri. After the conception of her daughter Kyha, in 2006, Keri has had a strong calling to return to an earth centered life. Returning to her roots Keri has been a keystone in many gardens, and sustainable projects. Most recently she completed an internship with "Herb Pharm" in Williams Oregon, then spring preparation and planting of the conservation farm of "Native Seeds/SEARCH". Keri is the manager of JJ's Cafe located in Nourishme. When not preparing nourishing foods, healing herbs or gardening, Keri can be found in the wilderness if Idaho carrying a backpack that's almost the size of her.


Miles Teitge – Garden Orchestration.

Contact: 309-0509 teitge@hotmail.com

Miles Teitge took his first steps in the old growth forests about Vashon Island WA., and was transplanted to the high mountain Idaho desert in 1983. Graduating from the Community School, he decided to live and surf in Kauai, trek India, and bike across the U.S. He studied Anthroposophy for a year at "Camphill Village, Copake" a Rudolph Steiner inspired community, assisting people with special needs. This was also the home of "Turtle Tree Seeds" which supplies our biodynamically grown seeds. He earned a Bachelor's degree in education at Antioch University, while volunteering at the Seattle TilthChildren's Garden. An internship at the "Herb Pharm" in Williams, Oregon, "Seed School" with local legend Bill McDormant, and attending the "Fungi Perfecti" mushroom cultivation seminar with visionary Paul Stamets, has further inspired his journey! He joined the Mountain School shortly after it opened as an aspiring perm-culturist. Recognizing there is a life time of learning on this path, be it cultivating vegetables, gathering medicinal herbs, grafting trees, bee-tending, greenhouse design, poultry care, humanure composting, worm wrangling or the like. He and TMS teacher Jessica Banks are the proud parents of a son, Edyn Crow Teitge. Miles hopes to share his deep reverence for the natural world, and grow the largest watermelon the W.R. Valley has ever seen in 2013!


 Katharine Woods, 2nd and 3rd Grades Teacher.

Contact: 720-4883 Kate@themountainschool.info

Kate is the founder of The Mountain School and has worked at the school since its inception. Katharine, born and raised in New York City, is the owner of the property upon which the school is located. She designed and facilitated the building of the green school building, farm and gardens. Her teaching duties include the Second and Third Grade Program. Katharine obtained her Waldorf teaching credential from The Rudolf Steiner College Teacher Training in San Francisco in 2000, and is credentialed to teach Waldorf Education Kindergarten through 8th grade. She has taught school since 1997 when she began teaching kindergarten at The San Francisco Waldorf School. She has taught Kindergarten for a total of three years at The San Francisco Waldorf School from 1997-1999 and at The Santa Cruz Waldorf School in 2000 and 2002. When Katharine moved back to The Wood River Valley with 7her daughter India in 2000 she started a non-profit organization called The Friends of the Earth Festival Co. which offered after-school programs and seasonal festivals throughout the valley during the years of 2000-2007. She also taught as a substitute at The Santa Cruz Waldorf School throughout the elementary school grades in the years of 2003-2005. Katharine is also a certified perma-culturalist. Katharine’s daughter India attended Waldorf School for her preschool, kindergarten and 1st grade years. She is currently attending Stanford University.


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