O U R    S T A F F

Katharine Woods, Owner & Founder

John Delorenzo, Founder & Instructor

Kelly Siemon, Instructor


Idaho's State Charter Board viewed this short video of TMS' day school that closed in 2014.  Syringa Mountain School, a mile further north, received blessing from the Charter Board and opened its doors in autumn 2014.

Thank you for your interest in The Mountain School!   I want to share with you how excited I am about the programs we will be offering at The Mountain School. There is just nothing comparable to the nearly 100 years of wisdom that is behind a Waldorf inspired education when it’s combined with our most current science and ecologically sound practices.

Our Permaculture farm, biodynamic-inspired gardens, and our proximity to accessible woodlands and the Big Wood River ecosystem give our students an experience of what it means to live in close connection with nature. Benefitting from the wise  indications of Rudolf Steiner we  offer an educational experience that fully and holistically engages a child’s cognitive, emotional and physical capacities.  Our goal is to honor and protect the curiosity, love and gratitude that characterize youth.

At The Mountain School, both the ethic of responsibility through hard work and the aesthetic celebration of life’s gifts are cultivated in the joy of community, not just with other human beings, but also with the animal, plant and mineral kingdoms upon which we depend.  Our lessons prioritizes exposure to healthy, simple and practical life experiences.  Out of the child’s exploration and artistic activity a love for learning skills and developing one’s capacities naturally arises; it's the natural byproduct of a passionate and curious interest in the world. We cultivate the physical and social  development, artistic expression, and work ethic of the youth.  Through these engaging activities we guide our students lovingly towards a knowledge of the self that is balanced with the knowledge of the other.

At TMS we strive to always,

Accept the children with reverence,

Educate them with love,

Send them forth in freedom

We hope you join the Mountain School Experience,

Katharine Woods, Founder