Emergency Procedures

In the event of an emergency, every effort will be made to contact a parent so that they may accompany their child to hospital. If a parent is unable to get to school, a member of staff might accompany a child taken to hospital by ambulance. Health professionals are responsible for any decisions on medical treatment when parents are not available.

Child Protection, Health, and Safety

The staff at the Mountain School cares deeply about the children within our community. We are committed to the physical, emotional, and mental well being of every student. We address minor illness and injury and will seek outside medical assistance if we feel it is needed. You will be informed of any illness or injury at school and of treatment given.

If a student appears emotionally or mentally upset, we will seek to better understand what underlies this distress and share with you any discoveries which shed light on this behavior. In accordance with state law, we will also contact the appropriate authorities whenever we believe that a child is in serious physical, emotional, or mental danger.

Emergency Operations Plan

Injured Student

Minor injury: Follow first aid protocols in attending to injured student, ask for help if necessary, log injury in your log book and call the parents if injury involves the neck or head.

Major or Traumatic Injury: Ask for help immediately from another teacher or get a student to help you find help. Attend to the student and if possible separate from the other children to keep them calm.  Have one teacher attending the injured student, another staff taking care of children and the other working the phones.

  • Call 911 or St. Luke’s Hospital and the parents.
  • Treat for trauma and shock until authorities arrive.

Follow up with interviewing anyone who was involved in the incident and logging a detailed account of incident. Meet with Administration. Call parents of injured child and anyone else who might be involved peripherally for stress. 

Missing Persons

The Teacher should immediately notify the administrator (or the head teacher if administrator is not available) of the situation. Immediately identify who is in charge of this incident and the search committee and make sure that all staff is carrying cell phones.  This person shall be responsible for executing the organization and search of the campus, gathering information from appropriate parties and notifying police of the situation if necessary.

All students will be directed into the Kg or Grades classroom. Once students are inside of the classroom the teacher should take role, lock doors and secure the facility. Keep children calm by playing games, singing songs, etc.  Children with relevant information should be questioned by the search committee inside of the classroom.

There should be one teacher with the students which will allow for all additional teachers to help with the search incident. The Search leader will formulate scanning areas, responsibilities and time frames to report back. If possible, leaving one person on the front porch of the house as a central command post is ideal. Have one person survey the campus noting any license plate numbers or unusual activity. After a 15 minute period, the head of the search needs to notify authorities as well as the parents. The teacher and any available staff continue to search until the police arrive at which time they fall under the directive of the authorities. 

Building Evacuation

In the case of a building evacuation the head teachers are responsible to ensure that all students are evacuated safely outside of the building. If you are teaching a class at the time of an incident (Art, Spanish, Farm lesson, Main lesson) YOU are the head teacher. The teacher should activate the fire alarm. The teacher then gathers students into a line and takes them outside of the building and to the far north east corner of the school campus on the driveway over the canal (if this area is not safe please chooses the best alternative which is away from any danger). The teacher then takes roll to ensure all students have made it safely outside of the building. The teacher then needs to notify the authorities by calling 911.  The teacher should keep students calm until authorities have arrived at which time they are under their direction. If needed the phone tree can be activated for pick up of students.

Lock Down Plan

In the case of an emergency which requires the students to be locked in the school, the head teachers shall be responsible to immediately close and secure the campus. This means no one leaves and no unauthorized individuals come on site.  If any students are outside, direct them inside the school building into the Kg/Grades classroom. Once students are inside of the classroom the teacher should lock doors and secure the facility.  The teachers should take roll and account for all of the students who should be on campus. Additional teachers should be notifying the the administration and the police by calling 911.  When notifying the administrative office of the threat, the administration will immediately identify additional staff for safely locking up the main house and office and securing the grounds/parking area of the school.  The teacher should have students sit on the floor and keep the students calm. All students and staff in the classrooms should be sitting or lying down (not visible from the outside of the classroom) until the threat has been removed. The teacher should close the blinds and curtains inside of the kindergarten room.  The teacher should remain with the students until authorized personnel are at the school and have advised otherwise.