John Delorenzo

Primitive Wilderness, Animal Husbandry and Woodworking Teacher.

Contact: 721-7783

John DeLorenzo was raised on a homestead in Arizona with his 9 siblings.  His father was a well-known saddle maker and horseman.  The Hopi Indians that worked with his father inspired John to explore native skills from an early age.  He went on to live in the Philippines for four years and Japan for eleven years, building international schools and teaching during this time.  He raised six sons and one daughter.  He has studied and practiced survival arts from the jungles of the Philippines to the frozen Taiga of the Yukon territories.  Back home in the U.S., John worked on Idaho ranches as a cowboy and also as a master carpenter in the Wood River Valley.

John worked directly with Katharine Woods and The Mountain School from early on in 2006, and oversaw the construction of the farm, play yard and classrooms.  He has taught practical arts to the students in animal husbandry, wilderness skills and woodworking throughout the school years from 2007 to the present.  His summer camps are highly sought after by returning students and fill up quickly with youth coming in from all over the country. John lives on the Mountain School farm, maintains the site, and caretakes the animals.