Katharine Woods

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Katharine Woods, born and raised in New York City, is the founder of The Mountain School and the owner of the property upon which the school is located. With the support of her mother and father, Priscilla and Ward Woods, Katharine was able to create the school of her dreams. In 2005-2007, with the business mentorship of her father she developed a business plan, received a Conditional Use Permit for the school, envisioned, designed and facilitated the building of the green school house, farm and gardens. From 2007-2015 For the next 8 years she was a classroom teacher, teacher trainer/mentor, board of directors member, and co-administrator. Katharine obtained her Waldorf teaching credential from The Rudolf Steiner College in San Francisco in 2000, and is credentialed to teach Waldorf Education Kindergarten through 8th grade. She is also a certified permaculturalist and spent two years apprenticing in biodynamic farming before opening the school and it’s farm. She has taught school since 1997 when she began teaching kindergarten at The San Francisco Waldorf School. She has taught Kindergarten for a total of twelve years at The San Francisco Waldorf School from 1997-1999, The Santa Cruz Waldorf School in 2000-2002, and then The Mountain School from 2002-2010. She has taught elementary school grades 1-4th at The Mountain School, having taught a dual-curriculum each year for six years, she has taught 1st-2nd grades for three years, 3rd grade for two years, and 4th grade for one year each. Katharine is the mother of a 22-year-old daughter, India. Her passion for education is combining the brilliant insights and indications of Rudolf Steiner and Waldorf education through experiential learning of Whole Systems Practical Arts (which includes farm to table, animal to clothing, minerals to metal work, wilderness skills, wild harvesting, woodworking and nature crafting skills) according to the principles and practices of Permaculture and Biodynamic agriculture. In September of 2012 Katharine Woods hired Mary Gervase to apply for a public charter from the state of Idaho for the families of TMS, which was granted in 2013, and opened in September of 2014. Katharine continues to direct The Mountain School as a Whole Systems Practical Arts Education Center, which offers after-school programs, summer camps, public school field trips, and permaculture workshops and hunter education for both children and adults. Katharine will be consulting with the Yuba River Charter School in Nevada City, California, as they build, develop curriculum and open their Waldorf-methods Elementary Charter Farm School. She is available for consulting with schools both nationally and internationally that wish to develop permaculture, farm and wilderness education programs.