Primitive Wilderness

In today's world, with children and adults spending more and more time with electronic devices, the capacity for connection to the natural world and practical skills are quickly being lost.  Up until the last century, for thousands of years throughout our evolution as a species, every human had a direct connection with the natural ecosystems around them.  They knew exactly where their clothing and food came from.  Their survival required having intimate knowledge of the minerals, animals and plants as well as the many rhythms of the ecosystems and their seasons.  This evolutionary history remains are part of us in the foundation of our human DNA, as our DNA does not evolve at the same rapid rate as our electronic technology.  Life may seem easier or more convenient for some of us now, but depth of the human experience and our development is being lost, and many search for something they feel missing.  By bringing children out into the wild, with an emphasis on fun while also teaching primitive bush craft skills of the ancients, we cultivate an experience of their place in the grand interdependent system on the planet. By gaining greater understanding of the relationship between the minerals, plants and wildlife around them, and our human dependence upon these kingdoms of nature, a moral imperative of earth stewardship is naturally found, inspiring the will forces to be responsible for the  protection of the natural world


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