Lost and Found

Items are stored in a container in the office.  If left unclaimed for more than four weeks, found items will be are donated to a local thrift store.

School Closings 

If the school closes for inclement weather, you will be notified by 7 A.M. Closures are also announced on the local FM radio station 95.3. Please note that public school closings due to weather coincide with a closing of The Mountain School.  Other types of public school closings such as teacher in-service days, parent-teacher conferences, and vacations do not necessarily coincide with TMS, and often will mean TMS is open for they day since the schools are closed .  Please double check this as sometimes they coincide and sometimes they don’t.


Reporting Problems:

The schools policy that all employees are responsible for assuring that the work place is free of sexual harassment or corporal punishment. The school will not condone or excuse sexual harassment or corporal punishment of any kind, by management, teachers,

Co-workers, non-employees or anyone whom the School exercises some measure of control will not be tolerated on or off School premises.

Because of the school’s strong disapproval of offensive or inappropriate sexual or corporal punishment behavior with respect to the workplace, all employees and volunteers must avoid any action or misappropriated conduct, which could be viewed as sexual harassment or corporal punishment.

All complaints will be promptly handled on a confidential basis. The school will retain confidential documentation of all allegations and investigations and will take appropriate corrective action to remedy all violations. Corrective action may include disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment or termination of the business relationship for persons found to have engaged in sexual harassment or physical punishment.                                            

If a staff member becomes aware or reasonably suspects a student attending the school has been sexually or physical abused by someone who is employed by the school, the staff member must give a written report to the Administrator or Chair of School concerning the allegation or suspected of the alleged allegations.

The written report must include the following:

  • The name of the person giving the report.
  • The student’s name, age, and gender.
  • Details of the reason of how the staff member became aware of or suspected sexual or physical abuse.
  • The identity of the employee who has abused, or is suspected, to have abused the student.
  • The identity of any person, who may have information concerning the abuse or suspected abuse.

Upon receipt of the written notice, immediate action must be taken, and a written report furnished to the proper authorities.  Any further investigation concerning the notice will be at the direction of the police.

You will not be good teachers if you focus only on what you do and not upon who you are.
— Rudolf Steiner


Many thanks to the following for sharing their handbooks and publications which helped in compiling this one.

ASWNA - Association of Waldorf Schools of North America

Denver Waldorf School

River Song Waldorf School

Sunrise Waldorf School

Shepherd Valley Waldorf School

Shining Mountain Waldorf School

Washington Waldorf School

The Sandpoint Waldorf School