Sustainable Whole Systems Practical Arts

We introduce our students to simple, ethical, and balanced energy-efficient living through permaculture with gardens, greenhouses and animals. We provide a healthy, living, green environment in which the children learn responsibility for their basic needs – namely, food, shelter, and clothing - through hands-on experience working within the interdependent relationships of the mineral, plant, animal and human kingdoms. 

Farm to Table - Animal to Clothing – Mineral to the Forge & Metal Work – Wild Harvesting to Woodworking and Nature Crafting

A great benefit derived from the farm and nature element of the site is the endless opportunity for working with the vibrant natural materials we will be producing and collecting.  From preparing meals with our vegetables and animal products to nature crafting with herbs to make soap, essential oils, and toys, our students will benefit from the nourishing sensory-integration opportunities of such fresh resources.

Our fiber arts offering which demonstrates a whole system practice of caring for our angora fiber producing goats and rabbits, to shearing, cleaning, and processing the wool, to dying, spinning and weaving it into practical artistic creations is an important life experience.  Current neuroscience recognizes how extensive fine motor experience conducted in a repetitive, rhythmical manner is incredibly beneficial to the myelination of brain passageways.

 “Nimble fingers make nimble thoughts” --Rudolf Steiner.

Special Needs

Inspired by Camphill Communities around the world, Aonghus Gordon and the Ruskin Mills Collage in the UK, The Rudolf Steiner College and it's partnership with the Meristem Center for Transformative Learning in California, The Mountain School strives to advance the education of young people with learning difficulties and/or behavioural problems or special educational needs through training in the areas of arts, crafts, agriculture and environmental sciences, with particular reference being given to the indications and insights of Rudolf Steiner

The Mountain School  provides students with a holistic learning experience through arts, crafts, agriculture, nutrition, living skills and the environment. The Mountain School works with hand, head, heart and place to provide students with the tools to transform material and in doing so transform themselves.  In this way, students come to recognize themselves and others.  They develop self and social awareness and are empowered to achieve and make positive contributions to society at large, giving back in a self-directed, productive and enjoyable way.  Our starting point is guided through action and learning through working with the hands.  The student journey then progresses through action and self-reflection (head) to a sense of achievement.  From this newly gained place of confidence and competence, students are further empowered to share their skills and their hearts with their peers and the wider community.

The values that guide our behavior and decision-making:

  • We value inclusive learning and living activities that integrate practical activity, thinking and our emotions. 
  • We value respecting and striving to understand all peoples' differences and uniqueness. 
  • We believe all people have the potential for positive change and development. 
  • We value relating with openess, goodwill, tolerance and treating individuals with dignity and respect.
  • We promote research into the practice and the development of these areas of education and that all research findings be widely disseminated.